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Created in 2002, RATP’ objective is the development and management of the operation and maintenance activities of the RATP Group’s transportation network, in France and abroad. Buses, tramways, metros, trains : the RATP Group has the experience and expertise of every means of public urban and inter-urban transportation. Thanks to this unique know-how and expertise, RATP Dev guarantees a successful long-term partnership, dedicated to the communities local development.

Every day, more than 8500 buses, operated by RATP Dev, travel through towns all over the world. In France, our 3000 staff has the following objectives:

Facilitate traveler’s experience and ensure their safety.

The well-being, comfort and security of the people travelling on our lines is our priority.

We conceive reliable and simple rechargeable ticketing tools, as well as performing real-time information systems within our vehicles and in the stations.

To guarantee the security of every traveler, we are very concerned about the training of our local teams and about the equipment of our vehicles : we implement the highest possible standards on regular lines as well as school and touristic transportation.

Providing transportation to all and offering a solution to everyone of us

On a daily basis, we provide services that are tailored to our travelers’ requirements with the best pricing policy : we connect rural areas, relieve urban areas, offer door-to-door transport services with regular and on call services, offer networks dedicated to the transportation of people with reduced mobility, pooling of our reservation centers with neighboring and cross-border transportation networks.

Ensure sustainable mobility

The everyday running of a transportation network involves the commitment of the communities in the long term. This is why our mobility solutions are sustainable and respectful of the environment. We are constantly upgrading our equipments in order to anticipate the travelers’ requirements with electric shuttles for community services, hybrid buses, compressed natural gas fuelled vehicles, high level service buses (with the B3.0), ECO driving trainings… We are fully committed to responsible development.