ORLYVAL service

Commercial regulations

ORLYVAL Commercial Regulations


The operating instructions of the ORLYVAL ‘s line lays down the specific conditions under which travelers can use the line, in accordance with the current laws, regulations and administrative provisions . The herein instructions are displayed in the stations and applicable within ORLYVAL premises. Traveling within ORLYVAL implies the acceptance of the present instructions.


2.1 Operating hours

Who are we?

Orlyval service company is a public limited-liability company, a 99 % RATPDEV and 1% SNCF subsidiary, operating the Orlyval line since October 2, 1991.

Thanks to the know-how of both RATP and Siemens SAS, 86 employees focus, every day, on welcoming and transporting their clients with a reliable and efficient service, in respect of the railway safety standards.

Orlyval has close work relations with the following partners and fellow-companies :

Sustainable development

Emission of C0² according to the ways

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In acknowledgement of good access and travel conditions required for every client, Orlyval service company has fostered awareness among its sales agents about information provided to the travelers with specific needs.

We herewith express our willingness to provide a quality-oriented service, in line with  Orlyval brand’s requirements. Each station has lifts and shuttles accessible to all ; they do not require specific equipments such as train access ramp, thus allowing a better continuity in the client’s journey, at all times of the day.